The modern solution for retail business

A cloud-based retail solution designed to run your business online, offline, and everywhere.

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The <b>modern solution</b> for retail business | EasyStore
The <b>modern solution</b> for retail business | EasyStore
The <b>modern solution</b> for retail business | EasyStore

Unified solution
for in-store and online

  • Retail POS and Ecommerce

    A centralized backend is all you need to orchestrate retail and ecommerce operations. Seamlessly connect your retail POS, online store, marketplaces, live selling, and various sales channels all within a unified hub.

  • Unified Product Inventory

    Any changes made to product details or inventory levels are automatically updated in real-time across all sales channels. Whether it's your retail stores, online store, marketplaces, or any other sales channels, you stay in control without the hassle of manual updates.

  • Single Real-time Dashboard

    Witness incoming sales from both your online and retail stores in real time, eliminating the need for double work. Manage products, inventory, orders, and customers —all from one unified platform, simplifying your operations and boosting efficiency.

Unified solution <br class=show-desktop>for in-store and online | EasyStore

Mobile point of sales
for all occasions

  • Responsive on All Screens

    Designed to adapt to various devices, ensuring a consistent experience across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Whether you're on the shop floor, at a bazaar, or managing transactions from your office, our mobile POS system effortlessly adjusts to meet your needs.

  • Tap to Pay Touchless Transactions

    Enhance the checkout process by providing a modern payment method. It eliminates the need for additional machines or card readers, allowing customers to make secure and swift payments by simply tapping their cards or devices.

  • Unified Members Shopping Experience

    Provide seamless in-store and online experiences with unified membership program. Whether customers are shopping in-store or online, their membership details, preferences, and rewards are synchronized in real-time.

Mobile point of sales <br class=show-desktop>for all occasions | EasyStore

Bridging the in-store and online inventories

  • Unified Inventory Management

    Streamline in-store and online sales channels inventories in one centralized hub. Effortlessly manage and monitor your entire inventory, making informed decisions that bridge the gap between your physical store and online presence.

  • Stock Transferring Among Outlets

    Easily transfer stock between your locations, ensuring optimal product availability where it's needed most. It simplifies the logistics of managing multiple locations, enabling you to maintain optimal inventory levels and provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

  • Inventory History Overview

    Track and analyze trends in inventory over time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. From product launches to seasonal shifts, we provide a comprehensive view of your inventory history, empowering you to plan and stay ahead of market demands.

Bridging the in-store and online inventories | EasyStore

A blueprint to bring
customers back

  • Unified Membership Program

    Provide your customers with a unified experience, allowing them to enjoy exclusive perks, discounts, and rewards seamlessly across all channels. Unlock the power of a cohesive membership program that keeps customers engaged and returning.

  • Tiering Rewards for Members

    Recognize and appreciate the varying levels of loyalty within your customer base by offering tier-specific benefits. As customers ascend through reward tiers, they unlock increasingly valuable perks, creating a dynamic and motivating loyalty structure.

  • Members Mobile App

    Put loyalty in the palm of your customers' hands with our Members App. Provide an exclusive space for members to access personalized offers, product catalogue, and shop within the app. They can even execute repeat purchases and track orders—all in-app.

A blueprint to bring  <br class=show-desktop>customers back | EasyStore

Stay connected
with your customers

  • Unified Messages Inbox

    Streamline messages from various channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat, into one centralized hub. Eliminate the hassle of navigating multiple inboxes, ensuring that your team stays connected and responsive across all communication channels.

  • Broadcasting to Multiple Channels

    Broadcast personalized messages to your customers through diverse channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and email. Reach customers where they are and ensuring your messages are delivered across their preferred communication platforms.

  • Targeted Email Marketing

    Unlock the potential of email campaigns to nurture relationships, showcase promotions, and share exciting updates. We have integrated various of email marketing solutions to empower you to create targeted, visually appealing content.

Stay connected <br class="show-desktop"> with your customers | EasyStore

Supported Hardwares

  •  Desktop Terminals  | EasyStore
    Desktop Terminals

    Efficiently run your retail point-of-sale (POS) on a desktop terminal, complete with a customer display screen and a built-in or external receipt printer.

  •  Mobile Terminals  | EasyStore
    Mobile Terminals

    Take your retail POS on the go with a mobile terminal, enabling transactions anywhere. Accept tap-and-pay payments and print receipts conveniently.

  •  Transform Any Devices  | EasyStore
    Transform Any Devices

    EasyStore mobile POS can seamlessly operate on your existing devices and most operating systems, whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Why Retailers use EasyStore

  • AKUDESIGN | EasyStore
    EasyStore really changed our daily operations. It eases my work especially on inventory. The best part is it can merge all marketplaces and my retail store into one system. Really like it!
    AKUDESIGN Amirel Amen bin Anuar — Founder
  • Darasara | EasyStore
    We used to manage our business manually, switching between different platforms to manage our business. It was really disorganized. We don't have to do much with EasyStore because it will categorise which consumers originated from which platform for you.
    Darasara Raushan Yuzer — Founder

Pricing that
works for retail

Simple pricing
Flexible launch

EasyStore solution adapts to any device, giving you the freedom to choose without hardware restrictions.

Stay updated and future-proof

Stay ahead effortlessly with our SaaS solution — no extra changes needed for seamless updates.

No add-on fees and hidden fees

Skip the startup fees, service charges. There isn't any hidden fee, what you see is what you get.

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