Senior Developer - Mobile

📍 Hybrid in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia

About you

Jumping into the groove at EasyStore means you're diving into a mix of change, complexity, and a bit of uncertainty—plus a dash of chaos. We're cool with that, used to the ups and downs.

But, let's be honest, EasyStore might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Before you hit that apply button, just check if you're up for:
  • Really caring about what you do and making commerce easy for everyone
  • Ready for both professional and personal growth
  • Keeping up with a quick pace
  • Handling ambiguity with resilience and even finding joy in change
  • Bringing in your critical thoughts and unique opinions
  • Embracing differences and disagreements to move things forward

If you're into a bit of chaos, can crack tough problems, and enjoy a fast-paced growth vibe, then EasyStore could be your kind of spot.

About the role

We are hiring Senior Developers for the following disciplines:

Mobile: To thrive in the Mobile Developer role here, you need to be solid with Flutter. As part of our team, you'll be hands-on in crafting and launching new features for our apps.

These apps are not small—they're significant, constantly evolving, and the go-to for a multitude of entrepreneurs.

We're big on Flutter, but we also switch to native when it's the smart move. So, being open to mastering cross-platform mobile development is a must.

If you happen to know React Native, that's a bonus we'd love to know about.


You have:
  • ~4+ years of professional experience as a software developer.
  • Solid skills with Flutter.
  • Bonus points if you know React Native; we're considering it for the future.
  • You're the go-to person for solving tech issues, making sure our team hits effective solutions.
  • You've built and kept up crucial system parts that are key to how our product works.
  • You've got a track record of getting senior folks on board with the technical plans for challenging problems.
  • You've shaped technical methods that really changed how we do things across the board.
  • You're not just a mentor; you've given solid leadership, making our engineering game stronger.
  • You've led the charge in making our team and others around us work better.
  • You've tackled big, complex tech issues, making solutions that really make a difference.
  • You're the face of our tech game, setting the bar higher for how things run across different teams.