Clive Loke

Clive Loke, Founder of Omni 360 Berhad, is a seasoned marketer and content creator with a rich background. With 23 years of experience in the IT industry, digital marketing, and content creation, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

He boasts 8 years of hands-on social media marketing experience, coupled with 6 years of teaching courses, making him an HRDF certified instructor. Clive's expertise spans across more than a hundred businesses and over thirty different industries in the realm of marketing management.

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借脑 A.I. 全面升级你的工作流程

Clive Loke
最近你好像一直听到它,但还不确定它真正可以为你做些什么?这感觉就好像它是只怪兽,它会威胁到你,但又好像会帮到你?无论如何, 总有一天你一定会面对它,不如先装备好自己,准备认识它?

  1. ChatGPT 引导式提问技巧
  2. 什么是 Prompt Engineering
  3. 超过10种的 Prompting 框架
  4. ChatGPT 的提问流程
  5. Midjourney 的图像概念
  6. 如何设置 Midjourney
  7. 生成图像的提示法
  8. 商业图像生成
  9. AI 生产视频 B-Roll 影片
  10. 制作不同的图像风格
  11. 社交媒体内容流程
  12. 设计概念
  13. Photoshop AI beta (基础使用)
  14. Canva 修图
  15. OMNI 特别训练 ChatGPT 的文案框架
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