Point-of-sale for your retail business

Make sales anywhere. Simplify retail operations, manage inventory, and enhance customer experiences with EasyStore POS.

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<b>Point-of-sale</b> for your retail business | EasyStore
<b>Point-of-sale</b> for your retail business | EasyStore
<b>Point-of-sale</b> for your retail business | EasyStore
<b>Point-of-sale</b> for your retail business | EasyStore

retail and ecommerce

  • Unified Inventory Management

    Real-time sync and tracking of inventory across online and offline sales channels, ensuring accurate product availability representation, preventing stockouts, and boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Unified Sales Process

    Record every transaction and sales made across all channels in one backend. Offer in-store pickup for online customers and the ability to place pre-orders at retail locations with delivery via courier services.

  • Unified Membership Program

    Members enjoy personalized benefits, including dynamic rewards points, tier-based memberships, and access to exclusive perks through the Member app, online store, and all retail outlets.

Bridging <br class=show-desktop>retail and ecommerce | EasyStore

Same SOP for all outlets staff

  • Multi-Outlet Staff Access

    Allow simultaneous logins for multiple staff across different outlets. Tailor access limits for each team member, enhancing operational control and efficiency while ensuring secure management.

  • Staff Shift Management

    Optimize workforce management where staff can seamlessly check in for their shifts, input opening and closing balances, enhancing accountability and accuracy in daily operations.

  • Shift Reporting

    Gain insights into staff performance. Track sales performance for each staff member's shift, empowering owners to identify top performers and optimize staffing strategies for success.

Same SOP for all outlets staff | EasyStore

3X retail purchase rate

  • Flexible Payment Methods

    Offer a variety of payment options including QR pay, tap to pay, credit/debit card for retail customers, ensuring seamless transactions tailored to individual preferences.

  • Backup QR Code Payment

    If card machines or payment solutions encounter connectivity issues, staff can promptly present a backup QR code for customers to pay online, ensuring smooth transactions and eliminating frustrations.

  • Offline Ready POS

    In low internet areas or during internet outages, EasyStore POS seamlessly operates in offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted transaction recording and providing peace of mind for your business.

3X retail purchase rate | EasyStore

Point of Sales for all devices

  • Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop Friendly

    Take your business on the go with our mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), ready for bazaars, pop-ups, and retail stores. Seamlessly transition between online and in-person selling to meet your customers where they are.

  • Self Learning For Staff

    EasyStore POS features an interface designed meticulously around daily business workflows. New staff can quickly adapt without extensive training, ultimately saving owners valuable time.

  • Third Party Hardwares

    Businesses requiring extra features like receipt printing and tap-to-pay capabilities can utilize EasyStore POS on compatible devices such as Sunmi to fulfill their specific requirements.

Point of Sales for all devices | EasyStore

Key Features
for Modern Retailing

  • ($item['title']) Paperless receipt | EasyStore
    Paperless receipt
  • ($item['title']) Point and voucher redemption | EasyStore
    Point and voucher redemption
  • ($item['title']) Custom discount | EasyStore
    Custom discount
  • ($item['title']) Self-collect order | EasyStore
    Self-collect order
  • ($item['title']) Self-customize dashboard | EasyStore
    Self-customize dashboard
  • ($item['title']) Universal search | EasyStore
    Universal search
  • ($item['title']) Split receipt | EasyStore
    Split receipt
  • ($item['title']) Barcode scanning | EasyStore
    Barcode scanning
  • ($item['title']) Customer purchase history | EasyStore
    Customer purchase history

Inspiring retailer stories

  • Art of Salmó | EasyStore
    The store design templates are so easy to use, basically just drag and drop. The plugins are amazing too, it saves us a lot of time to build a beautiful and classy online store.
    Art of Salmó Phyllis Teh — Founder
  • Bayu Somerset | EasyStore
    Previously we spent so much time and manpower doing stock count and inventory for every outlets. Now, we remove all the manual work and only allocate one person to manage the inventory, orders and product, because everything can be done in EasyStore.
    Bayu Somerset Mohamad Emir — Managing Director