Sell across multiple marketplaces

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Sell across <b>multiple marketplaces</b> | EasyStore

Marketplace integrations in EasyStore

  •  Shopee  | EasyStore
  •  Lazada  | EasyStore
  •  Zalora  | EasyStore
  •  PGMall  | EasyStore

Manage multiple marketplaces with ease

  • One Backend For Everything

    Manage all marketplaces from a single backend system. This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms and streamlines your operations.

  • Live Update Products, Orders, Customers

    Every action made will be live-updated across all marketplaces. It can ensure details are accurate and maintain a seamless shopping experience for customers.

  • Streamline Orders Management

    Process and fulfill orders from different marketplaces. Quickly view order details, track statuses, and manage shipping and logistics from EasyStore.

Manage multiple marketplaces with ease | EasyStore

Essential features for marketplace integrations

  •  Real-time notifications  | EasyStore
    Real-time notifications

    Speed up your order management efficiency by receiving instant notifications on new orders through email, mobile push notifications, and backend popup alerts.

  •  All sales channels report  | EasyStore
    All sales channels report

    Organize and display your business performance from different sales channels in helping you to analyze and make better business decisions via insightful sales reports.

  •  Selling price adjustment  | EasyStore
    Selling price adjustment

    Flexible price adjustment allows you to adjust different selling prices over multiple sales channels on the same product.

  •  Bulk order management  | EasyStore
    Bulk order management

    Fulfill all orders from different sales channels and print airway bills at once to avoid human errors during the order packing process.

  •  Quick message broadcast  | EasyStore
    Quick message broadcast

    Send promotions or personalized message via SMS, email, WhatsApp and Messenger instantly to the targeted customers at once. Only available in business plan.

Grow your business further

  • Ecommerce and Retail Management

    Manage marketplaces, online stores, and retail businesses effortlessly in one unified platform, streamlining inventory, orders, sales, and customer management.

  • Pop-Up Store Ready Solution

    Sell anywhere, anytime with EasyStore mPOS system. Whether it's at pop-up stores, markets, or retail outlets, use your phones, tablets, or terminals to conduct transactions.

  • Unified Membership Program

    Reward your valued customers with membership-based perks such as points, gifts, discounts, and vouchers, fostering long-term relationships to generate more repeat purchases.

Grow your business further | EasyStore

Inspiring merchant stories

  • Art of Salmó | EasyStore
    EasyStore's intuitive design tools have allowed us to craft an online store that not only looks great but is also tailored to our customers' needs, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
    Art of Salmó Phyllis Teh — Founder
  • Emajie | EasyStore
    EasyStore has revolutionized our customer interactions by simplifying operations and ensuring we never lose sight of what's important — our customers' satisfaction as we grow.
    Emajie Ahmad Suhail — Brand Founder