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Are You One of Them?

Marketplace Seller
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Are You Facing These Problems?

Confusing when you have orders coming in from different platforms
Lost sales due to stock out on uneven inventory distribution across sales channels
Time wasted on manual and repetitive product management process
Trouble to get repeat customers

Do You Wish You Can

Manage all sales channels in one platform
Expand brand exposure
Drive more sales with zero cost
Stand out among competitors
Build brand loyalty

How EasyStore Can Solve Your Problems

Real-time sync orders across all sales channels

No more switching between apps! EasyStore ensures all your orders from multiple sales channels can be synced in one platform. You can sort out the orders by channel and manage them in bulk.

Centralized inventory management

EasyStore helps you to merge your inventory, which allows you to synchronize your product inventory across multiple sales channels.

One-click product catalogue clone

No longer needed to create your products one-by-one on different sales channels. Upload your products once and get synchronized on multiple sales channels.

Encourage repeat purchases

No limitations in collecting customers' information. You can get a complete view of their contact details & purchasing habits to build better relationships.

Essential Marketplace Integrations

  • Real-time notifications

    Speed up your order management efficiency by receiving instant notifications on new orders through email, mobile push notifications, and backend popup alerts.

  • All sales channels report

    Organize and display your business performance from different sales channels in helping you to analyze and make better business decisions via insightful sales reports.

  • Selling price adjustment

    Flexible price adjustment allows you to adjust different selling prices over multiple sales channels on the same product.

  • Bulk order management

    Fulfill all orders from different sales channels and print airway bills at once to avoid human errors during the order packing process.

  • Quick message broadcast

    Send promotions or personalized message via SMS, email, WhatsApp and Messenger instantly to the targeted customers at once. Only available in business plan.

Start Selling On Multiple Marketplaces in 1 Day

  • 1Upload a product

  • 2Add payment

  • 3Setup shipping

  • 4Add sales channel

Recommended Channels to Be Explored

  • Shopee

    You can sell more than Shopee on multiple sales channels. We provide centralized management of order, product, and inventory for Shopee and other selling channels. You can set a different selling price to sell on Shopee. Utilize our bulk action on order fulfilment and airway bills printing.

    • Set different selling price
    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
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  • Lazada

    You can sell more than Lazada on multiple sales channels. EasyStore supports syncing products and adjusting different selling price on Lazada. We centralize your order, product, and inventory management for Lazada and other sales channels. You can bulk fulfil orders and print airway bills.

    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Set different selling price
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
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  • Online Store

    Make your brand stand out in the digital crowd. Our easy-to-customize template turns your idea into an online store with a custom web address. EasyStore supports dozens of payment providers and methods with a multi-currency shopping cart to sell to your customers around the world.

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  • Facebook

    Allow customers to make self-purchase on Facebook. One-click builds your Facebook Shop by syncing product catalog from EasyStore. Auto-update your business with complete product information, inventory, and orders within your EasyStore dashboard.

    • Product promoter
    • One-click sync products
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Online Store

What They think

  • "With the help of EasyStore, I no need to work 12 hours a day, it synced my products to Lazada & Shopee without double work needed."

    Zeez x EasyStore Zlera Zain
  • "By syncing my products to Shopee via EasyStore, I save my time and become more efficient in managing my product between both these platforms."

    the pastels shop x EasyStore Sarini Zainal Abidin
  • "EasyStore's marketplace integration saves my time to sync my products to different marketplaces. I do not need to double key in the details. Most importantly, my sales grow too."

    UPLUCK BABY x EasyStore Nabilah Ali

Recommended plan

Standard Plan
  • 7 sales channels
  • 25 apps integration
  • Everything on Lite
  • Unlimited products
  • 6 users
  • 3 locations
  • Free gift promotion
  • PWP promotion
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