Inventory Management System Built For Convenience

Track, measure, and manage your product inventory across channel with ease - all in one place

Painless Inventory Tracking and Control

Keep track and maintain healthy inventory with ease - prevent product shortage/ overstocking or uneven distribution across channels.
  • Inventory always in-sync

    Real-time inventory sync across channels and manage them all directly from EasyStore backend.

  • Forecast needed inventory level

    Ensure your inventory can meet future demand with real time stock level update across channels.

  • Solving out-of-stock problem

    Get notified when the stock level is low in order to restock on time to avoid losing out potential customers.

Items Editing Made Easy

Save you more time from managing and adding products across platforms, where you can upload new or existing photos, edit details, adjust pricing and more - all in one place.
  • Update product in bulk

    Quickly and easily edit anything (inventory, SKUs, price) in bulk right from our admin panel or mobile app.

  • 1 click catalogue clone

    Bulk import/export your product listing across channels in a few clicks- manage them all in one place.

Keep Your Products Organized

Make product information easy to discover by customers within seconds with detailed product pages, accurate search results, and collection pages.
  • Multiple product option and variants

    Create multiple product variants with independent pricing, inventory, and image for product (colour or size).

  • Organize product and create collection

    Group and organize products into categories - easy for your customers to browse for what they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will EasyStore inventory get deducted if a product was sold on Shopee channel.
Yes, there will be a real-time inventory deduction on EasyStore inventory only when the sales channels is connected to your EasyStore account. Click here to find out other supported sales channels on EasyStore.
Can I upload products in bulk?
Yes absolutely, you can easily bulk upload a large number of products in one go. EasyStore makes it hassle-free for you to upload, update inventory and price or even delete your products in bulk.
If I replenish 5 units for every product, can I update the inventory in bulk?
You can select the products you wish to update, then you can use our “add” option. The system will auto-add and sync 5 more stocks to each of your products.
If I want to change the stock quantity of all my products to 10 each only, can I update in bulk?
You can select the products you wish to update and the set option will auto-sync the inventory of all of the products to 10 each once you've key in the amount.
If I add a product in the marketplace, will it affect on EasyStore?
No, it will not affect the product on EasyStore. If you wish to sell the product in EasyStore as well, you can import it. Kindly refer to the guide for more information: Sell on Lazada | Sell on Shopee
If I have products on EasyStore, can I sync it over to other sales channels
Yes, products on EasyStore can be synced across multiple integrated sales channels like Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, TikTok & etc...

What They Say About EasyStore

  • byeggs-logo.png

    “We love EasyStore for its intuitive back-end interface and easy-to-use design templates. We get quick responses from the support and service team on any queries or issues encountered. They are also able to facilitate linkage to various payment gateway providers seamlessly. Looking forward to more exciting updates and features from the team!”

  • jobbie-logo.png

    “After using EasyStore, sales is more stable. We are even able to sell to oversea customer which is an added bonus! Best of all EasyStore provides all the most essential apps to make everything so so so easy!”

  • langit-logo.png

    “When we first started, we just want a digital presence so that people can find us online. As we do not have a lot of physical retail partners, we thought that we can try to reach those who are already online. We did a bit of research here and there, and it seems that EasyStore fit our needs. It is simple enough to use, and affordable too.”

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