Sales Channels

  • Online Store Free

    Make your brand stand out in the digital crowd. Our easy-to-customize template turns your idea into an online store with a custom web address. EasyStore supports dozens of payment providers and methods with a multi-currency shopping cart to sell to your customers around the world.

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  • Facebook

    Allow customers to make self-purchase on Facebook. One-click builds your Facebook Shop by syncing product catalog from EasyStore. Auto-update your business with complete product information, inventory, and orders within your EasyStore dashboard.

    • Product promoter
    • One-click sync products
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  • Messenger

    EasyStore helps boost sales conversion on Messenger. You can create a menu and chatbot that auto-reply to customers first-level inquiries. With that, it simplifies their buying decision process. They can also choose to receive order confirmation via Messenger.

    • Auto reply chatbot
    • Custom menu buttons
    • Auto send order confirmation
    • Show featured products on Messenger
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  • Facebook Live

    Instantly accept more orders during your Facebook Live stream. Your customers will receive a purchase link via Messenger once they comment on your Live. EasyStore will collect orders in the backend and retrieve the order details for you. Every sold item will be reflected in your inventory.

    • Auto-record order details
    • Instant send purchase link
    • Promote products on the spot
    • Auto-update product availability
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  • Google Shopping

    Reach potential customers that may look at your competitors. Google Shopping in EasyStore is built to speed up your Google ads setup process. One-click to sync your product catalog to Google Merchant Center, instead of doing it separately. You can track your product approval status in EasyStore anytime.

    • One-click sync products
    • Track products approval status
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  • Instagram

    Get discovered by Instagram shoppers who are searching similar products. EasyStore Facebook Marketing helps to speed up the process of enabling Instagram Shopping. Tag your products to create shoppable posts and stories. How to skip the lengthy verification process? Use our Bio Shop to instantly create an Instagram alike store.

    • Direct checkout button
    • Instagram alike store - Bio Shop
    • Shoppable posts with Instagram Shopping
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  • WhatsApp

    Convert your WhatsApp conversation into sales. EasyStore WhatsApp Order Form helps to collect payment and gather customer details. It is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos. The familiarities of WhatsApp interface encourages your customers to buy the products straight away.

    • WhatsApp alike order form
    • Checkout within WhatsApp
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
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  • LINE

    Take your sales conversion from LINE chatroom. Let customers view your products in a chat through EasyStore LINE Order Form is a secured form that shows your products' name, price, and photos to reduce the time-consuming shopping procedure without having to visit a separate website.

    • LINE alike order form
    • Checkout within LINE
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
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  • WeChat

    Attract more customers on WeChat moment. Share your EasyStore WeChat Order Form on the moment to encourage your customers to buy the products straight away. It shows your products' name, price, and photos to let them browse and shop your products without leaving WeChat.

    • WeChat alike order form
    • Checkout within WeChat
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
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  • Telegram

    Speed up your sales conversion on Telegram messenger. EasyStore Telegram Order Form equipped with sales order processing automation, complimented automated data and payment collection that enhanced customers' checkout experience.

    • Telegram like order form
    • Checkout within Telegram
    • Options to chat or direct purchase
    • Auto-collect payment and customer details
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  • Shopee

    You can sell more than Shopee on multiple sales channels. We provide centralized management of order, product, and inventory for Shopee and other selling channels. You can set a different selling price to sell on Shopee. Utilize our bulk action on order fulfilment and airway bills printing.

    • Set different selling price
    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
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  • Lazada

    You can sell more than Lazada on multiple sales channels. EasyStore supports syncing products and adjusting different selling price on Lazada. We centralize your order, product, and inventory management for Lazada and other sales channels. You can bulk fulfil orders and print airway bills.

    • Bulk fulfill orders
    • Set different selling price
    • Sync products, orders, inventories, and customers information
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  • TikTok

    Convert traffic from one of the world most popular apps into sales and reach highly targeted customers via TikTok Shop.

    • Real-time synchronization
    • Unify product inventory
    • Centralize order management
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  • 91APP

    A premium sales channel that enables you to unlock the Online-Merge-Offline Retailing journey to seamlessly connect with customers. With this channel, you can have your customized mobile app, AWD ecommerce website, powerful OMO membership program.

    • Self-branding mobile app
    • OMO membership program
    • AWD (Adaptive web design) ecommerce website
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  • Point of Sale

    Allow your business to accept orders anywhere with EasyStore POS. It is a native mobile application that record customers' data, order details, and product inventory across all selling channels. You can easily find a product by scanning the barcode and print receipts through Bluetooth connection.

    • Mobile native app
    • Sync online and offline sales
    • Scan barcode with mobile camera
    • Support Bluetooth receipt printing
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  • Wholesale Portal

    Let your business welcome large order volume customers. EasyStore Wholesale Portal is a password-protected portal which only accessible by invited customers. You can customize different price list that tailored to your different customer groups.

    • Custom price lists
    • Password-protected
    • Bulk purchasing portal
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Online Store
Facebook Live
Google Shopping
Point of Sale
Wholesale Portal


  • Easystore
    Discount and promotion

    You can run various types of promotions like discounts, free gifts, purchase with purchase (PWP), reward credit and more. Set promotion with limited time to create a sense of urgency.

  • Easystore
    Voucher code

    Your customers can enjoy the promotion with voucher codes. It can apply to logged-in customers, specific customer groups, or public to provide a sense of exclusivity to your customers.

  • Easystore
    Reward credit

    Motivate your customers to buy more and encourage repeat purchase with EasyStore's reward credit. You can set the minimum purchase requirement for them to earn the credit.

  • Easystore
    Email marketing

    Constantly engage with customers via email marketing helps you to build long term customer relationships. All customer information is real-time synced to your preferred email marketing platform.

  • Easystore
    Search engine marketing (SEM)

    EasyStore is a SEO-friendly platform that allows you to edit business SEO such as meta title and meta description. You can also sync products to Google Merchant Center to run Google ads.

  • Easystore
    Marketing blog

    Up your marketing strategies game with blog content. EasyStore allow you to enrich your blog content with the ability to add video, image, text, table, backlink, and author name.

  • Easystore
    Social media marketing

    EasyStore lets your business stay relevant on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube and more social media platforms. Your contents are shareable by customers across the internet.

  • Easystore
    Product recommendation

    EasyStore's product recommendation feature helps to increase your customers' average order amount. We will recommend relevant products to them when they are browsing a product.

  • Easystore
    Referral Program

    The referral program allows you to promote your products with the power of Word Of Mouth. You can reward different referrals groups with cash, coupon code, or store credit.

Order Processing

  • Easystore
    Order sync

    All sales channels orders will be synced into EasyStore backend. You can sort out the orders by channels and manage them in bulk. Customers information is also collected upon orders placed.

  • Easystore
    New order notifications

    Speed up your order management efficiency with our real-time notifications. You will get notified on new orders through email, mobile push notifications, and backend popup alert.

  • Easystore
    Packing slip

    Our packing slip helps you to avoid human errors during the order packing process. It includes the product's name, price, quantity, and SKU, Barcode to help you pack the orders correctly.

  • Easystore
    Order fulfillment

    Save your time by using our bulk fulfill tool. Your customers will get notifications once their orders are processed. Airway bills are auto-generated when using our shipping partners.

  • Easystore
    Order status update

    You can keep your customers updated with their latest order status. From payment confirmation to order shipment, they will get the notifications on every action made to their orders.

  • Easystore
    Order cancellation

    Orders that not paid on time will be automatically cancelled and we will help you to restock the product inventory. You can decide on the order cancellation period, from 3 days up to 365 days.

  • Easystore
    Abandoned carts recovery

    We help you to bring back customers that never complete their purchase. Their information will be collected and you can choose to turn on auto-reminder to follow up with the potential customers.

  • Easystore
    Refund payment

    You can record refunded orders and restock the products. You can even choose to refund by store credit. Our payment partners, iPay88 and RazerPay, allow instant refund via EasyStore.

Product Management

  • Easystore
    Inventory Sync

    All sales channels inventories are synced into EasyStore backend. The inventory will be updated across all channels once a product is sold. Save your time by using our bulk inventory management.

  • Easystore
    Product Collections

    Group relevant products together so your customers can easily browse and find the product they want. The product collection's SEO is editable to improve your product Google ranking.

  • Easystore
    Product Bulk Editor

    A one-page editor that allows you to amend your selected products at once. You can select the details you want to edit such as price, inventory, SKU, etc., to be more efficient in updating your products.

  • Easystore
    Product Options and Variants

    EasyStore allows you to create multiple product variants. You can upload image and set different prices for each of them. Customers can choose their preferences from the product options displayed.

  • Easystore
    Product Scheduling

    Use our product scheduling to align with your marketing activity timeline. Your unready products can be saved as draft and discontinued products can be unpublished to avoid overselling.

  • Easystore
    Product Description Template

    We help you to skip copy-paste actions in updating the description. Use our description template to apply the same content on all product pages or selected product collections pages.

  • Easystore
    Low Stock Alert

    This feature helps you to make sure you're always aware of the product inventory count. You will receive low stock notification when your product inventory hits below a minimum quantity.

Customer Relations

  • Easystore
    Customer Information

    Collecting customers information helps to understand their shopping habits. You can access to their details such as emails and contact numbers from all sales channels to build your customer relationship.

  • Easystore
    Customer Groups

    Customer grouping can create exclusivity for your business. You can categorize your customers with similar shopping behavior into different groups and run separate targeted promotions.

  • Easystore
    Quick Message Broadcast

    Instantly reach where your customers are active. You can send personalized message via SMS, email, and Messenger to the targeted customers at once. Only available in business plan.

  • Easystore
    One-click checkout

    A seamless checkout that helps repeat customers to speed up purchase process. Once a customer purchases from you for the first time, the information is saved securely for future purchases.

  • Easystore
    Chat Box

    EasyStore supports various chat box services for your customers to reach you. With built-in automation, you can provide auto-reply or live chat support to your customers' inquiries.

  • Easystore
    Customer Credit

    Reward credit helps you to generate repeat sales and makes your customers stay longer with your business. Your customers can earn credits with every purchase they make with you.

Business Analytics

  • Easystore
    Sales Channel Performance

    Effectively optimize your ads spend and performance based on the reports of your sales channels. You can filter each of your selling channel to review the performance insights.

  • Easystore
    Repeat Purchases Report

    Focus on the right audience for your upcoming marketing strategies. The ratio between new and repeat customers helps you understand whether you should focus on new acquisition or remarketing.

  • Easystore
    Top-Selling Products Report

    Allocate resources to promote the best performing products in your business. You can understand the customer demand on your products and focus on promoting them to maximize your sales.

  • Easystore
    Average Order Value Report

    Increase each customer's spending on every purchase with you. Explore ways to upsell your customers adding more products into their shopping carts, such as purchase with purchase, product recommendation, and free delivery.

  • Easystore
    Website Traffic Report

    Maximize your sales at the peak hour of your website. Monitor your real-time page views and website visitors number to run marketing events during the most active time of your customers.

  • Easystore
    Google Analytics

    Improve your marketing ROI to reach the right target audience. You can track and evaluate the performance of your website based on behavior of visitors to optimize ads spend and website content.

  • Easystore
    Facebook Pixel

    Effectively increase your ad conversion on Facebook and Instagram. This analytic tool helps you to gain awareness from targeted audience and retarget the potential buyers to convert them into your customers.

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