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  • 提供數百種獨家產品和超過4000萬種產品和服務,打造穩固的零售事業。

  • 與知名商家合作,提供數百萬種額外的商品與服務,其中包括了Target、Nike、Apple以及更多。

  • 提供平台給較小規模的零售商,讓商戶可以與其他知名商家在SHOP.COM展示商品與服務。

  • 提供夥伴商店曝光和廣告,協助夥伴商店產品以及商店品牌行銷。

  • 透過緊密連繫及忠誠度極高的優惠顧客及經銷體系,讓您的行銷活動事半功倍。

  • 在首頁及暢銷熱賣品區刊登您最新的活動廣告,增加營業利潤。

  • SHOP.COM購物網站裡的夥伴商店提供2%~33%的現金回饋。


  • 簡單串接新產業- 零生產費用、產品多樣化、提供高品質暢銷產品。

  • 一對一行銷系統- 資料收集分析、搜尋並提供顧客想要或需要的商品,藉此增加顧客的採購量,從而取代大眾行銷。

  • 客戶需求化服務- 從傳統大量製造轉為大量客戶需求化服務。

  • 安全便利線上代收:與永豐銀行共同推出「豐掌櫃行動支付工具」,提供包括手機掃描QR Code等多種收款機制,讓夥伴商店收款輕鬆,對帳容易。


  • 顧客獲利:顧客可轉取現金回饋,並可在美安的夥伴商店消費時節省費用。

  • 商家獲利:與大多數其他廣告機會不同,商家不必投資廣告並可期望看到投資回報。美安的夥伴商店只有在銷售成交時才需要支付很少的佣金。

  • UNFRANCHISE所有者贏:藉由SHOP.COM、其夥伴商店和獨家品牌,超連鎖店主可以建立永續收入。

SHOP.COM provides a systematic and standardized structure, advanced management systems, product development and marketing tools, a growing popularity and opportunities to establish businesses in multiple locations. The flexible use of the company's business model ensures the stability, profitability, and most importantly the longevity of your business!

What can SHOP.COM help you: 

  • More than 3 million customers browsing the site, listing your product with them will allow your product to be exposed to this large crowd.

  • A suitable platform for smaller retailers, allowing merchants to showcase goods and services with other well-known merchants at SHOP.COM.

  • Your product will be shown in not one, but multiple sales and marketing channels. 

  • Let your marketing activities be more effective through a tightly connected and highly loyal customer and distribution system.

  • The partner store on the SHOP.COM shopping site offers 2% to 33% cash back.

Simple yet organized management system: 

  • The one-to-one marketing system facilitates data collection analysis, search and supply of goods that customers want or need, thereby increasing customer purchases. 

  • Easily connect to new industries with zero production costs, product diversification, and provide high quality bestsellers.

  • Customer demand services - from traditional mass production to large customer demand services. 

When you join the SHOP.COM, you're becoming part of a powerful network that lists your products and provides you access to multiple sales and marketing channels.

The web, mobile apps, social media and more... it's all here to help you build and continue valuable customer relationships.


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