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Power up email collection for your newsletters, contests, launches, events, discounts, and more.

Collect more lead

  • Landing PagesBuild high converting pages faster with beautiful templates and simple design tools. Or connecANY existingpage to our platform.
  • Pop-Ups & Opt-In FormsCapture leads with our opt-in forms on your website. Welcome visitors or pop-up special offer while they browse.
  • Email RespondersDeliver automatic replies without using another marketing tool Automatically rewarinfluencers for achieving referral goals.

Generate referrals with a viral boost

  • Word of Mouth ReferralsEncourage leads to share your message, and reward them for every referral they generate on your behalf.
  • Contests & LeaderboardsMake it fun. Reward leads with additional contest entries for every referral. Make it competitive by creating public leaderboards.
  • Advanced Fraud ProtectionPrevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. We've got some tools to help with that.

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